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A Balanced Horse is a Happy Horse
     Focusing on the 4 Points of the  Equine Balance Equation, balancing the whole horse naturally from nose to tail and ears to feet.
     Don't force your horse to compensate for dental malocclusions, out-of-balance feet, sore or stressed muscles and an ill fitting saddle. 
     Give him the advantage of balance and comfort, expose your horses true potential !
     We at B B Equine Services and Balance Associates can help.
The Equine Balance Equation
Balanced >       Teeth
                     =A Balanced Horse

 Regular Dental Check-Ups Specializing in gentle, drug-free, professional equine dental care. Proper dental care provides your horse with comfort, whether he is eating or accepting a bit   Keep your horse happy and healthy with regular dental check-ups. read more...

 Body Balancing Gentile body work with acupressure, equine-touch, massage and other natural methods to get your horse feeling his best. read more...

Saddle Fitting Proper fitting saddles are a must for a balanced horse, we create templates that can be used to have a custom saddle made or to check the fit of a saddle before purchase.  read more...

Equine Podiatry Specializing in a natural style barefoot hoof trim, your horse can potentially perform as well as a shod horse and enjoy the many advantages if barefoot function and mechanism.  read more...

Bombproofing Keeping you and your horse safe in a variety of environments by offering desensitizing sessions at your location or ours.  read more...

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