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Maintenance Float
    Occurs on a routine basis, to keep the horses jaw and TMJ in balance. "Normal wear" malocclusions are reduced and sharp edges eliminated.
Performance Float
    Meets the needs of the hard-working equine. Special needs horses include: Race Horses, Polo Ponies, 3-Day Event Horses and any competition equine that needs every possible edge.
Corrective Work
    Is required when a horse has not had the necessary routine maintenance dental care or if a horse has genetic malocclusions that need frequent care.
                  With Acupressure and Equine Touch
      Equine Touch or E-Touch is a series of gentle moves in a predetermined pattern over the horses body. Gentle body work that relates directly to the meridian lines. It addresses energy blockers and restores the natural flow of the body.  Acupressure will address particular issues that your horse could have and relieve those points so your horse can start to heal itself.


     Proper fitting saddles are a must for a balanced horse, we create templates that can be used to have a custom saddle made or to check the fit of a saddle before purchase. A well fitting saddle will relieve pressure points along the bar of your horse and meridian lines.
    Improve your horses hoof health by providing him with a well-balanced trim to promote proper growth and structure.   More and more horses are enjoying the benefits of traveling barefoot on tough, sound hooves.
    We offer a Bombproofing clinic that starts you and your horse out on the ground through a series of scary stations that utilize tarps, balloons, flags, polo mallets, beach balls, hanging water noodles and much more.  Each horse is introduced to one station at a time, always to a background of a stereo system that is playing music, recorded applause, city noises, children shouting and many sensory stimulating sounds that horses may hear at one time or another.  When a horse is thoroughly settled at one station he moves on to the next. The second half of the clinic is mounted where you will go through the same stations. Riders and handlers are never pressured but given plenty of time to become completely unfazed.  A minimum of five riders are needed to conduct a clinic.
Homeopathic Products
Offered for the aid of your horse. See the products page for more information.




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